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Pottery - Slip Casting
Pottery - Slip Casting
Pottery - Bisque Painting
Pottery - Bisque Painting
Pottery - Wheelwork
Pottery - Wheelwork
Bisque Painting
Bisque Painting
Pottery Transfers
Pottery Transfers
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Our longest running and most popular craft activity is Pottery, where you have the opportunity to create your own piece using one of the following methods.

Session 1

We have over 1000 moulds available for slip-casting including planters, vases, teapots, money boxes, jugs, animal figures, birds, wall plates, chess sets, table ornaments, a Christmas tree with lights and countless others. The process works by the slip (a mixture of clay and water) being poured into a plaster mould. The mould dries as the water element of the slip is absorbed into the plaster. The surplus slip is poured away leaving a layer of clay on the inside of the mould. After three hours you can return, remove your work from the mould and fettle-clean the edges and seams. Your work will be dried overnight.

Prices start from £7.50

Session 2

Under Glaze Decoration

(i) glazed by craft-centre tutors

(ii) fired in one of our five kilns

(iii) ready for next day collection

or Acrylic Painting

(i) part of pots may be glazed (e.g. inside)

(ii) pots fired, ready next day for acrylic decoration

  • Wheelwork

Demonstrations of throwing are given on one of four wheels during Pottery session 1, with practical tips on clay preparation, wheel speed, shaping and handles.

  • Hand building

Various methods will be demonstrated including coilpots, slab pots and free modelling. As this process often takes longer due to lengthier drying times, it is important to begin as early as possible during your break.


These are slip cast items the tutors have made and fired. We have a range of over 100 different popular moulds, which are held in stock ready for decoration. Bisqueware can be decorated using acrylic paints; alternatively under glaze paints can be used. These are then clearglazed only and then fired. Items atart from £3.50

  • Transfers

Whiteware mugs and a range of tableware and vases are available for you to create your own individual designs. You can choose from over 300 pre-glued transfers including names, numbers, wildlife, sporting motifs and Christmas designs. A simple sequence of activities has to be followed to obtain good results, leading to the product being fired in the kiln at 800 C. Your product will be ready for collection the next day. Prices start from £4.00 

  • Porcelain Painting

Trace a range of designs onto a variety of pieces of porcelain or china. The extensive range of items we have include cups and saucers, teapots, dishes, plates and tableware. 

Items start from £4.00

Please note: Children under 12 years must be supervised by a responsible adult.